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Moses’ law and believers

What is the current legal status of Moses? In short, the law of life. But that can’t endanger us anymore. The original law came by Moses (John 1:17) and because of the weakness of our flesh condemned us, but the mercy and truth came by Jesus Christ, which promised us that He did not intend to destroy the law, but to ensure it was fulfilled (in him and inside our).

Life Law. How do I know? Because sin of life, and sin is a violation of the law. Everyone who acknowledged his sin recognizes God’s law that is destroyed. The difference between now and then or if you want, we and them, are not violations of the law but forgiveness.

Law, the main part of the Scriptures, live, but now we are not afraid of the pages. Instead we can be enriched by the “Scriptures of the Scriptures” (Romans 15: 4). For those who are not sure we will see some of Paul’s hardest teachings about the law, in a summary of the teachings of the Romans and Galatians.

Rome: Rome 2. The law is everywhere, whether it is revealed from Sinai or built into non -Jewish thoughts by disposal of truth from creation. We are told that we cannot boast of law, because we are all lawbreakers. Circumcision is added as a seal of the Old Testament if the maker of the agreement is very obedient in everything. Because it never happened, and all are lawbreakers, circumcision is a sign that is not meaningful now, and the New Testament is sealed by the circumcision of the Spirit.

Rome 3. We can never be justified by law, but we also cannot with our sins to make laws and canceled. In fact, breaking our law which continues to establish the holy work!

Romans 4: where there is no law, there is no violation, because sin is a violation of the law.

Romans 5: Sin is in the world before the law is given, but is not calculated to humans, not clearly defined, not placed in a man’s account. When it came to us, it was to expose sin as it was. This is still the destination. It teaches us our needs and takes us to Jesus.

Roma 6: Now we are not under the law. But the law is life. Sin will not have power over us. But sin is a possibility. Sin of life.

Romans 7: We die for the law (which lives) through the body of Christ. We were delivered from the law, this frightening task giver made us remain in slavery. But now, as is made by Jeremia we serve in the novelty of the Spirit, which performs God’s law in us. Law is not a sin! But we know sin through law. We “live” without law. But when the law comes, we are exposed, we “die”. The law is holy and we are happy with our minds. No one must hate God’s law and consider it as something to destroy! Jesus never did it. No one must pray to be freed from God’s law, but from the curse connected to him. Someone who without law has no law, and there is nothing but insulting in the Scriptures for the spirit of violation of the law, II Thessalonians 2. What we want is the freedom of his curse, not the truth! Even though I am very happy, there is another law within me against the original law: it is called sin.

Roma 8: My flesh makes the law look weak. But Jesus condemned sin in the flesh. Now the legal requirements are fulfilled to those who are running by the Spirit, as are Jeremiah and Jesus both teach.

Galatians: Galatians 2. No meat will be justified by the works of law. Through law we die for the law, and there is no truth that can be obtained through efforts to maintain the law, whether Sinai or the revelation of Jesus is expanded and the Apostles.

Galatians 3. A person cannot accept his spirit or gift by obeying the law. Being “under” the law must be under the curse, because, because he quoted from the 27:26 Deuteronomy, “… Cursed is all people who do not continue all the things written in the law book.” But Jesus became a curse for us and freed us to maintain legal requirements.

Galatians 5. We must maintain our freedom by not cursed again. But he said in the same chapter that all laws were fulfilled in the love of neighboring