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Other spiritual laws besides the law of interest

The best known spiritual law today seems to be the law of interest. However, our findings tell us that other spiritual laws are as important.

“Nature is the source of all true knowledge. He has his own logic, his own law, he has no effect without cause or discovery without needs.” Leonardo da Vinci

The law of interest is about interest through focus. Focus widely on having a productive and beautiful day tomorrow, and your chances of experiencing that increase. North Korean citizens can focus on free and the days are oppressed to be numbered … or that’s how the theory goes.

The problem by fighting for the law of attraction is exclusively and ignoring all other spiritual laws is that our findings show other spiritual laws, such as reincarnation, personal fate, karma, and universal order law, often replacing the law of interest.

“Magic is something that seems impossible. What I call ‘Illusion Magic’ uses the law of science and nature that is already known. Real magic uses laws that have not been found.” Doug Henning

Natural law, including gravity, material, and light, including physical law such as motion, mass conservation and energy, thermodynamics and others, cannot be denied according to modern scientific consensus: “Natural law is factual truth, not logical; true for every time and Every place in the universe; does not contain the right name; is a universal or statistical claim; and is a conditional claim, not a categorical one. “

Spiritual law can be more accurately described as a theory from the perspective of conventional science because we cannot prove reincarnation, for example, with physical evidence. However, we also have not found evidence to refute these concepts.

In fact, we regularly see evidence that strengthens the spiritual confidence of reincarnation, personal fate, higher self/soul that has a greater influence than personality, conscious subconscious dominance, predestination, macrocosm which reflects the microcosm (as above, so in below), and others, including the law of interest (for reasons).

“Children of three or four are filled with adult rules. Nature should be dominated by the idea that everything is as it should, that the actions of all people are in accordance with physical and moral law – in one word, that there is a universal order.” Jean Piaget

Instead of promoting an unrealistic myth that you can attract whatever you want in this life through the law of interest, we prefer to reduce ideas with realism so that you are not destroyed if what you want is not part of the path that is destined.

Maybe you intend to attract a perfect partner, or a perfect business partner, or a very profitable client, or you have a burning desire to become a billionaire. Maybe all that can be yours. There is no always fast improvement in the real world; Through consistent efforts and disciplines, many goals can be achieved, even if it requires a lot of life.

Even if you provide extraordinary efforts and willingness to become a billionaire, for example, and you have the talent to be in the right place at the right time, your goal of becoming a billionaire is still, mostly, decided, deciding by the actions of others. This is where Karma goes to play. Good karma is the same as people who naturally act in harmony with your plan. You cannot control many things in life, especially the actions of others.

“The intuition of moral sentiment is an insight about the perfection of mental law. These laws execute themselves. They run out of time, get out of space, and not submit to the situation.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

What if, like denying all spiritual laws besides the law of interest, your rejection of all other natural laws besides gravity makes them disappear?